10.B Light Light Blonde Beige 25% Opacity

Product contains: 100 ml



The Beige Series ...

The colors are particularly suitable as glossing after bleaching.

The most important ...

COLOR.IT is "workhorse" for everyday hairdressing. With an extremely good price/performance ratio and color fidelity in terms of the results achieved in relation to the color chart, the COLOR.IT color system represents an absolutely above-average color tool for the hairdresser.

COLOR.IT - a hair color especially for the hairdresser ...

Active natural ingredients such as wheat and soy proteins, castor oil, coconut oil nourish the hair and protect the scalp during professional hair treatment. The main elements of the color are wheat and soy proteins. These enrich the color service with additional care for the health of the hair.

Brilliance, shine and luminosity ...

High-quality color pigments provide maximum intensity and irresistible luminosity. For visibly radiant, shiny and smooth hair with intense long-lasting color.

For different coloration concepts, COLOR.IT hair colors offer sufficient scope for creativity. Gray hair coverage, color refreshment or glossing/reflex change - with maximum performance and versatile options for the Professional Color Service.


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